At the centre of all communication, there is a story.

It might be fact or fiction, fun or serious, linear or interactive – but at its heart, it’s a story. We learn from stories. We share stories. Over time, our stories become our history. Here’s ours.

The studio was born in 2004 in a rumpus room by Justin Wight, Troy Bellchambers and Shane Bevin. It’s a common birthplace for innovative partnerships in Australia – the rumpus room. As kids, it’s where we learnt to play, build things and watch movies projected on to sheets. As three guys forming a creative animation studio, that first office was where we learnt to make games, produce engaging content and learn the craft of visual storytelling.

Over the years, we have formed relationships with many awesome people across the globe and worked on some projects that when we started, we couldn’t have imagined. We’ve directed and produced animation series for online and TV, worked on gamifying entire theme parks, built apps and games for mobile, tablet, PC and console, captured places and people in VR, AR and all the other Rs, produced learning experiences, lots of experiential spaces and helped film directors ‘fix it in post’ or raise finance for their next project.

We’ve helped our creative partners build engaging cross platform brands, advertising campaigns and add depth, immersion and interactivity to their content.

We work on anything animated or interactive on almost any platform and along the way we’ve won many local, national and international awards for excellence in animation and interactive design. 

We’ve grown too. When you start at Monkeystack, there’s a t-shirt waiting on your desk. Year on year, the orders get bigger.

Today, we’re just as passionate about telling both linear and interactive stories that can impact lives and make a difference to our society. We push boundaries, explore the unknown, and love what we do. All of it!