We have been working on several projects with Trinity College since the launch of their new Innovation and Creativity School in 2019. Well, we say working, but playing is a better word to use!

From creating immersive experiences for their 360 projection room, to creating co-curricular programs and holding masterclasses for their students in digital, screen based storytelling, we’re thrilled to have such a strong connection to foster future creative industry skills in both the teaching staff and students.

So when we were asked to be the Artist in Residence for the College’s exhibition as part of the SALA Festival we jumped at the chance. The theme for the exhibition was Emergence. The process of becoming visible after being concealed.

What was our take on the theme? For opening night, artists from our studio, Troy Bellchambers, Jamie Pillarinos, Henry Bruce and Chris Green, made art from a new, virtual perspective and put on a Tilt Brush performance.

What emerged were four very different approaches to using the same technology…and four very different ‘paint-dance’ styles!