Talk to us.

People often ask us, what does Monkeystack do?

We generally answer, “We tell stories”. We’ve been doing that for over 14 years, so we decided it was time to start telling ours.

On the 3rd April 2019, supported by the Office of South Australia’s Chief Entrepreneur and attended by a room full of 50 or so distinguished guests, partners and Monkeystack friends, we put on a showcase of our latest projects in animation, simulation, virtual reality and game development.

Along with a key speech from Mark Ledson from the Office of the Chief Entrepreneur and some fine South Australian food and drinks (can we say chocolate brownie without your mouth starting to water again?) case studies were shown on a collection of our work including:

  • the world class Austroads Hazard Perception Test – one of the largest simulation projects undertaken in Australia and the world’s first motorcycle hazard perception test.
  • Juniverse – we were commissioned to gamify an entire theme park in Doha, Qatar!
  • The Vault Game – it’s development is continuing and we’re continuing our search for partners, sponsors and investors to realise this vision and prove to the world that games can have wellbeing outcomes. You can read more about the awards it’s won too.

Oh, and then there was this!

Tim Jarvis AM, Antarctic explorer and all-round champion of the environment was also in the room to help us with the announcement about the Thin Ice VR project. With support from Tim, the South Australian Film Corporation, Screen Australia, One Ocean, Kathmandu and new partner, Torrens University this is going to be an exciting project. Everyone in the room had the chance to put on their ninja masks and a VR headset and experience the Thin Ice VR completed proof of concept. We are now seeking further investment, partners, and sponsors to help us realise the gold standard version of this vision and take this important environmental message to the world. If you want to learn more about the project, we’ve made a project site to keep you in the loop.

Part of the video generation? Check out the event below: