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‘Electric Dreams’ debuts at Adelaide Fringe 2020!



Electric Dreams is a huge immersive storytelling conference and virtual reality program brought to you by Crossover Labs, that is coming to Adelaide next year in February!

Supported by the Department for Innovation and Skills – South Australia and the Adelaide Fringe, Electric Dreams is a 3-day conference (Feb 19-21) and a 5 day virtual reality program and immersive storytelling showcase (Feb 19-23) as part of the 2020 Adelaide Fringe. It will take place at one of Adelaide’s most inspirational and creative areas, Lot Fourteen and the Masonic Lodge.

Electric Dreams will explore immersive storytelling and addresses trends in gaming, VR & AR and the impact these technologies are having on theatre works, screen productions and other art forms. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to hear from leading international artists and creative technologists through presentations, demonstrations, workshops and pitches. The program includes sessions from Andy Serkis’ The Imaginarium Studios, The Royal Shakespeare Company, Peter Jackson’s company WETA, Magic Leap and many more.

At Monkeystack we are incredibly passionate about interactive and experiential projects, especially if they relate to virtual reality and immersive storytelling. If you want to see how we’re using technology to tell stories differently, head on over to Thin Ice VR and find out about one project that we’re very proud to be producing. Electric Dreams is a wonderful opportunity for us to see this technology in use, and for everyone else to see what we are so excited about.

This amazing opportunity has limited tickets, so book quick!