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Monkeystack’s latest animation project, Heart A-Salt, is a tongue-and-cheek film about the overuse of salt in Australian’s diet.

The animated piece for Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness Australia and Neptune Bio Innovations aims to spread awareness of this problem and promotes the use of their alternative, Heartsalt –  a healthier alternative to regular table salt, containing 56 per cent less sodium but maintaining the same taste.

We drew on the golden era of animation from the 1940s and produced the work with a hand drawn, frame by frame process. Over 2300 individual drawings were hand coloured!

Released to coincide with Salt Awareness Week, the video clip and catchy tune, sung by Australian actress and singer, Amy Longhurst, combine to tell the story of one man’s lust for salty food and the effect that this inappropriate behaviour can have on the heart.

Monkeystack senior production manager Stuart MacKenzie said, “The animation throughout the film was carefully considered, ensuring that every food scene mirrored real-life behaviour, albeit in a suggestive and humorous way.”

The conversations in the studio while the storyboards and animations were being created sure were different!

Did you know? (and you probably don’t want to know)

  • On average, Australian adults consume double the amount of salt recommended by the World Health Organisation.
  • 18.5 billion kilograms of added salt is consumed in Australia every year, which is enough to fill 760 Olympic sized swimming pools.
  • Heart disease is the single leading cause of death in Australian men.
  • The number of cardiac arrests (otherwise known as heart attacks) was 28 per cent higher in men compared to women in 2017, with salt abuse being a major contributing factor.

We’re proud of the sweet little animation we produced and hope it goes a long way to stopping Heart A Salt by switching to Heart Salt! Gather round your device, turn up the volume, click below and enjoy!