Our capabilities in animationexperience and game design span a diverse range of disciplines to produce content for traditional and emerging digital mediums for film, television, gaming, experiential and advertising. At our core, we’re a multi-disciplinary team who are passionate about injecting originality and diversity into every piece of work to get the best results for our clients.


Both 2D and 3D animated content from standalone projects to suit entertainment, educational, or corporate projects to the management of full production pipelines for animated series, game or feature production.

We can take a project from script to screen, or provide services to any part of a production including illustration, scripting, storyboarding, animatics, modelling and VFX.

Our 2D and 3D animation services are good for:

  • Animated series and feature production for broadcast and streaming platforms
  • VFX for television, film and streaming content
  • Community engagement stories
  • Corporate and product explainers
  • Data and mapping visualisation
  • eLearning applications
  • Social media advertising
  • Production company idents, game cut scenes, music video clips and performance.

To complement our skills in digital content production, we operate an inhouse commercial grade render farm providing quick turnaround output.


Production of experiences, simulations and visualisations, including the coordination of live-action and 360 capture that combine screen, projected and XR (VR, AR, MR) integrations to connect audiences with beautiful cultural or historical stories, intriguing interactives, or serious simulations.

Our experiences can live inside in museums, galleries and trade shows, outside at festivals and concerts or virtually in audience owned devices.

Our experiences connect audiences and narratives through:

  • Interactive displays for museums, galleries, and public spaces
  • Indoor or outdoor projected, immersive spaces at events and festivals
  • VR, AR and MR augmented worlds
  • Static or real time simulations for familiarization and training

Game Design

Design, production and deployment of entertainment games, serious games, interactives and eLearning projects on all major platforms across mobile, tablet, PC screen and XR (AR, VR, MR) implementations.

We can contribute to any part of the production pipeline from asset creation, narrative, gameplay and UX and UI design to publishing management and audience targeting and acquisition.

Our game development services can assist with:

  • App, PC and Console development to engage audiences of all ages
  • Developing world class User Experiences and User Interfaces
  • Gamification of content to move people through physical or digital spaces
  • Information delivery and assessment through engaging eLearning platforms
  • Deeper interaction and collection of data for serious applications