1414 Degrees is a South Australian company introducing game changing technology set to disrupt the global electricity market.

Our Role: Conceptualisation, 3D Asset creation from CAD data, and 3D animation.

The team at 1414 Degrees came to Monkeystack looking for a solution that would educate the public about latent heat storage technology and how it could best be used to reduce the load on the electricity grid and the environment.

The final piece was also used to support the company’s initial public offering.

We worked closely with the 1414 Degrees engineering team and were able to utilise their CAD data as a base for our animations where we were able to bring their dream to life on the screen.

Creating the assets in 3D also allowed us the freedom to place the plant structure anywhere in the world, from an industrial suburb to outback Australia. It also gave us the option to visually downscale the plant to a smaller megawatt unit when required.

The result was a high fidelity 3D explainer video suitable for a wide range of audiences and digital platforms.


3D Animated Corporate Video


SA Power Networks