Digital board game ARMELLO sees a host of anthropomorphic characters battle it out in a bid to become king.

Our Role: Monkeystack worked with LoG to bring several of their playable characters to life through animation, crafting their movement to be clear on multiple screen sizes, from TV to iPad.

Armello is League of Geeks’ debut project, a story driven digital board game that pits players against each other as they explore the rich Kingdom of Armello.

Monkeystack has worked with LoG over the years to create multiple playable characters and digital assets including the Usurpers; Elyssia the Wardress of Warrens (Rabbit), Sargon the Death Teller (Rat), Magna the Unbroken (Wolf), and Ghor the Wyldkin (Bear).

Monkeystack has also worked on the Bandit Clan, the Rivals, and contributed to the chest, key, and dice featured in the game.

Armello is available on STEAM, Playstation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

Visit the official site.


3D Character Animations


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