As part of Credit Union SA's ongoing 'origami' campaign, Monkeystack worked with Hybrid Advertising and Marketing to create both a full CG TVC, and animated CG assets suitable for compositing on to live action footage.

HOME LOAN : Monkeystack built a transforming home on a digital block, and composited it together with green screen footage ready for buyers of any life stage.

CAR LOAN : Our team projection mapped 2D car images on to 3D car models for a photo-real finish, and tied up the ad with animated wrapping paper and bow.

FIRST HOME BUYER’S GRANT : In design collaboration with the agency, Monkeystack created a CG origami shoe representing a ‘foot in the door’ for first home buyers. The shoe then folds to reveal Credit Union SA’s logo.

NOTE : The work presented in this portfolio is for demonstration purposes only; rates / offers displayed may not be current.


3D Animated / Composited TVCs


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