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As part of the Hedonism exhibit at MOD. (Museum of Discovery at the University of South Australia), Monkeystack produced F.A.B.L.E, an experiential game about consent that visitors navigate via a phone app.

Welcome, Operative, to F.A.B.L.E. – aka the Federated Association of Believers, Leaders, and Explorers. Your mission is simple: teleport on board this foreign spaceship and connect with the alien. As you explore this new world, there are protocols to follow. Make sure you check in with the alien as you go, follow the principles of consent, and achieve a two-way flow of information that will benefit both of our races.   

Commissioned by MOD., Monkeystack set about creating an app-based experience inspired by early 90s game graphics that is played by moving through the room. The experience can best be described as Barbarella meets the Muppets.

Featuring 6 interactive stations including 3 mini games, visitors to MOD. are guided through the experience via an app on their phone using AR marker recognition and BLE beacons installed throughout the exhibit. The app and interactives all communicate to an offsite database which changes conditions and the user journeys of each unique visitor based on how many people are in the room, leading to a rewarding experience for all.

Monkeystack was responsible for the entire management of the project, game and UX design, animations, sound, networking and connectivity, app creation/deployment and the integration of digital content within the exhibit.


Interactive Experiential Art and App Development


MOD. Museum of Discovery at University of South Australia




Scott Edgar


Molten Immersive Art