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Koala Man is a collaboration between Princess Pictures and Michael Cusack, with support from Screen Australia and the South Australian Film Corporation, and animation done by the team at Monkeystack.

Written and directed by the creative genius, Michael Cusack and produced by Princess Pictures, Koala Man isn’t your average superhero.

Kevin is a divorced dad stuck in a dull job at the council. But at night, clad in a koala mask, he’s a superhero on a mission to rid the streets of petty crime, loiterers, litterers and local kids who look dodgy at the park. “The people did not ask for a hero, but I came nonetheless.”

Monkeystack put together a team of exceptional animators to bring Koala Man, whose world is just like Batman, but much less rich and not as cool, to work on the project over several months.

We were so very proud to see the Koala Man collaboration with Princess Pictures and the genius Michael Cusack on ABC COMEDY. The premiere was on Tuesday 20th November 2018 as part of the Fresh Blood series. It was also available on iView.


In late 2019, Koalaman was shortlisted for an AACTA Award for Best Online Video or Series.


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