The focus for this project was a dynamic online home loan comparison tool and the return of the lovable, fuzzy mascot ‘POCCU’.

Underpinned by their market position ‘better than the banks’, Police Credit Union (PCU) wanted to bring the “Combobulator” to life with engaging visuals to support simple, fast and accurate product comparisons.

An interactive web-based calculator was the hero tool of the campaign which also featured a 30 second TVC.  Our creative team set to work conceptualising the project to be styled within POCCU’s existing retro-inspired universe incorporating PCU product messaging.

A combination of programming languages including Javascript, PHP, HTML and CSS were used to custom build a responsive, mobile-friendly calculator that was embedded into the existing PCU website. The result was the fun and interactive Combobulator, designed within PCU’s branding and accompanied by HTLM5 based animation to bring the web page content to life. We also developed a backend dashboard to allow for updates and modifications without any programming knowledge.

The purpose of the TVC was to launch, and drive traffic to the web-based Combobulator tool. 3D design, modelling and animation were used to create the TVC where POCCU tests out the new, whizz-bang Combobulator. Additional visuals, sound and VO were incorporated to strengthen the message and call to action.


TVC & Interactive web tool


Police Credit Union