Australian Electoral Commission: ElectionSim

Game Design, Interactive

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) program of face-to-face election training was disrupted due to the global pandemic. They needed to find a new and innovative way to bring people together for one Australia’s largest logistical exercises, the Australian federal election.

Monkeystack were commissioned to produce ‘ElectionSim’, an immersive, interactive and media-rich gamified solution as an alternative to the face-to-face simulations conducted at a dedicated facility.

We developed ElectionSim as a 3D world in the Unity engine, featuring 2D and 3D animations to create the gamified content that includes multiple environments, interactive characters, information cards and learning modules.

ElectionSim is designed for approximately 200 of AEC’s operational leaders to experience a simulation of the busy, stressful, time-pressured environment of a federal election in a self-directed learning style. Learners are taken on an authentic narrative arc as they free roam and explore the space in real-time 3D, practicing various election activities and scenarios.

Learning modules are completed within the 3D world, with the learners interacting with multiple characters across all development levels, responding to queries and demands, and taking on tabletop challenges.

Accessibility was a key attribute throughout this project, as ElectionSim needed to be available to AEC staff right across Australia.

To meet a varying digital literacy amongst users, the design methodology was centred around accessibility for people using the system who are unfamiliar with interactive media, and to include closed captions and options for those with colour vision deficiency.

The system was successfully deployed and used by staff throughout Australia in preparation for the 2022 federal election, establishing a new-age system with unlimited potential.

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