Australian Museum: Making Minerals

3D Animation, Experience, Game Design, Interactive

The Australian Museum in Sydney commissioned Monkeystack to produce a touch screen interactive for their permanent Minerals gallery – an exhibition that’s been 2.7 billion years in the making!

‘Making Minerals’ is a fun and educational interactive experience that visitors to the Museum can explore on three dedicated touch screens situated in the middle of the exhibition.
The screens are contained in a mineral-inspired thematic centrepiece, designed for accessibility in an inclusive form without diminishing the experience for users.

Creation on a planetary scale is a lot to wrap your head around, with mineral formation happening over long periods of time and usually hidden from view due to the inherent inhospitable or unstable conditions deep under Earth’s surface. So, we took a ‘kitchen recipe’ approach to user experience.

We produced seven story locations, including volcano, caves and magma chambers, with animations to ‘see’ key steps of the mineral formation process and interactive elements for users to choose from and determine the mineral’s outcome.

Once the user has created their mineral, they can find the real thing displayed in the exhibition of the 1,800 rocks and minerals from the Australian Museum’s wider collection of more than 80,000 specimens from across Australia and the world.
The Making Minerals interactive experience offers another dimension to an impressive exhibition, designed to capture curiosity and encourage exploration.

The permanent exhibition launched with a special event in November 2022, with guests including NSW Minister for the Arts, the Hon. Ben Franklin MLC. Shortly after the exhibitions launch, the Australian Museum hit a milestone of welcoming over one million visitors through its doors in just over a year since they reopened after the COVID-19 lockdown in October 2021.

Minerals is funded by the Australian Museum Foundation and supported by the NSW Government as part of the Australian Museum’s major transformation, Project Discover.

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