Interactive Cube

BAE Systems Australia

  • 3D Modelling
  • Experience
  • Interactive
  • Visualisation
  • XR

BAE Systems Australia commissioned Monkeystack to produce an interactive experience ‘Cube’ to debut at the Land Forces International Land Defence Exposition 2021 in Brisbane, Queensland that represented their structured brand guidelines as a modern, forward-thinking company with cutting-edge innovations.

When the pandemic forced the closure of interstate borders, we were presented with the challenge of how to design the exterior; a set of perspective based animations that required very specific placement to deliver the audience experience, the interior; a user-triggered storytelling space to be used by BAE executives, how to test everything and make sure that the exhibition company could install the Cube on location in Queensland… all without any of our staff being able to leave South Australia.

With no way for our team to be on the ground for bump-in adjustments typical of a project like this, we built a VR-based pre-visualisation system in Unity to instruct the Cube’s physical and digital relationship, and interactivity – providing a way to build and test real world solutions without the boundaries of location.

Our 1:1 digital pre-visualisation twin emulated the physical environment and interactive space down to the pixel and the platform, allowing us to work virtually in simulation from our studios. This was packaged up and shared for the team on the ground to successfully complete set-up, managing to do so in almost half the time anticipated.

Some of the ~13,000 attendees from industry, government and defence were more than intrigued by the Cube’s 4x4m³ digital screen exterior made of 1408px x 1408px panels that displayed seemingly infinite digital artwork, graphics and video. Attendees were invited to get hands on in the internal interactive presentation zone, controlling their experience on the wrap around multi-screens via the central iPad.

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