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CH4 Global commissioned Monkeystack to produce an animated series that tell the story of their innovative work in combatting climate change through a particular seaweed – Asparagopsis, a red seaweed that grows natively on Australian and New Zealand coasts.

CH4 Global’s methane-busting project is supported by the South Australian Department for Trade and Investment’s Landing Pad, which Monkeystack are proud to be approved suppliers on.

Working with CH4 Global’s team of experts, Monkeystack produced a six-part series of 2D animations to tell the CH4 Global Asparagopsis story, from Why Methane is a Big Problem for Climate Change, to The Benefits Beyond. We crafted each chapter’s script and animation to be engaging for a broad audience, from farmers to school groups, to potential investors and partners.

Australian researchers found that supplementing up to 1% of a cow’s daily food intake with an Asparagopsis product reduced methane production by up to 90%, and if only 10% of the world’s cattle were to include Asparagopsis product as part of their diet, it’d be the equivalent of removing between 50 to 100 million cars from the road.

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