Dots & Diamond: The Mysterious Case of the Missing Mummies

3D Animation, Animated Series, App Development, Game Design, Interactive

“Come Quick, Dots and Diamond. The mummies have come alive!”

Dots & Diamond: The Mysterious Case of the Missing Mummies is a narrative-driven adventure game available on mobile platforms via the Apple iOS and Google PLAY stores. Monkeystack developed and produced the game as our own IP within our Exo Pexo brand of ‘edutainment’ games for young people.

Dots the studious dog and Diamond the playful cat are enjoying some quiet time at home, until they receive a frantic phone call from the Curator at the Museum. The new Egyptian exhibit is due to open tomorrow but the most terrible thing has happened… the mummies have come alive!

Players can choose to play as Dots or Diamond and solve the mysterious case of the missing mummies by navigating through the multiple levels of the museum with fun challenges, puzzles and mini games along the way. The game is an entertaining and engaging experience aimed at users aged 9-11 with a story that holds players attention throughout as they unravel the mystery.

Exo Pexo games are built upon the values that education and entertainment can exist in the same product and to encourage kids to love to learn, for life. We find that the best learning journeys are the ones that are fun, shared and promote positive educational outcomes.

Our studio produces animations, experiences and games that entertain, engage and educate. The Dots & Diamond journey doesn’t stop with The Mysterious Case of the Missing Mummies, with an animated pilot for a Dots & Dimond series available from Monkeystack.

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