Brain Break Bops

Education Services Australia

  • 2D Animation
  • Animated Series

Education Services Australia commissioned us to produce a 2D animated series of educational resources for early years students to build interoception awareness (feeling more connected with your body and your bodily signals) and practice self-regulation activities. We created five ‘Brain Break Bops’ animated music videos, each demonstrating an interoception activity, plus other fun dance moves and memorable song lyrics, for the viewer to follow along and practice as whole class groups, smaller groups or in one-to-one sessions.

Our multi-talented team developed engaging concepts and narratives, wrote lyrics and composed music, and produced the 2D animation and an instructional activity poster for each of the five interoception activities, ranging from calming, deep breathing exercises to energising muscle stretches.

Creating educational resources in music video form was the golden formula to engage a young audience. A pilot study with 12 preschools and primary schools was launched in October 2023 and received fantastic feedback. The ‘Rocking bug’ – a muscle stretch movement that we evolved into a band of rock ‘n’ roll insects – was an instant hit and is being requested multiple times in a row!

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