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Exo Pexo make digital toys for young people that help them learn and explore the world around them through play. We believe that the best learning journeys are the ones that are fun, shared and promote positive educational outcomes.

It’s our goal to encourage kids to love to learn, for life.

Monkeystack developed and produced the game as our own IP within our Exo Pexo brand of ‘edutainment’ games for young people.

Discover the full Exo Pexo suite of games:

Alphabet Apartments is an audio story book and interactive look-and-find in one, providing the basis for learning, skill development and accomplishment in a play setting. Designed to develop and grow literacy and word association skills through engaging interaction, animation and narrated stories, children build their understanding of phonetics and shape and object identification as they explore each apartment.
Get Alphabet Apartments on  Apple App Store and Google Play.

Draw & Paint helps kids explore their creativity in a fun and safe environment, with no messy clean-up required! Start by choosing your artwork from six different fun images, then it’s time to get creative. Scribble with crayons and pencils, paint with the paintbrush, have some fun with stamps and get colourful with the rainbow tool. Draw & Paint is the ideal game for fun at home, road trips or when there is no cellular or wifi data available.
Get Draw & Paint on Apple App Store and Google Play.

Letter & Number Trace encourages kids to start their writing journey by tracing letters and numbers in an interactive, colourful and fun way. By practising how letters and numbers are formed by drawing lines, curves and corners with their finger, children learn the coordination and motions required to make letter and number shapes prior to using a pencil.
Get Letter & Number Trace on Apple App Store and Google Play.

“Come Quick, Dots and Diamond. The mummies have come alive!” Choose to play as Dots the studious dog or Diamond the playful cat and solve the mysterious case of the missing mummies by finding the Curator’s lost key and uncovering Scarab Jewels that have disappeared throughout the Museum… all before the exhibitions grand opening. Navigate through the multiple levels of the museum with fun challenges, puzzles and mini games along the way.
Get Dots & Diamond on Apple App Store and Google Play.

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