Health & Education

Monkeystack work with a broad range of people with lived experience, service organisations, researchers and health practitioners to produce animations, experiences and serious games for health and education purposes.

We understand that no two needs are the same. We produce appropriate solutions that drive a connection between the project and audience and deliver efficacy.
We’ve worked across mental health and wellbeing, autism and other neural diversity, physical education, cardiac health and self assessment, physical disability and patient distraction.

Educational driven experiences.

  • Serious games, apps for handheld devices, eLearning content and resources that support information retention.
  • Interactive ‘hands on’ learning through digital touchscreens, XR (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality) and app development.
  • 2D and 3D animations that deliver key messages to groups of all ages and backgrounds.

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Little Breakthrough Heroes: Big Talks For Little People

Flinders University College of Education, Psychology & Social Work commissioned Monkeystack to develop their anti-bullying P.E.A.C.E Pack intervention into a modern and engaging program as a part of the charity-first collaboration between Breakthrough Foundation and Little Heroes Foundation.

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Australian Museum: Making Minerals

‘Making Minerals’ is a fun and educational touch screen interactive for the Australian Museum’s permanent Minerals gallery – an exhibition that’s been 2.7 billion years in the making!

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Positure: Positive Health Games

Monkeystack partnered with POSITURE to produce gamified interactive solutions to improve the posture, mental health and well-being of children, the neurodiverse and aging populations, combatting the problems commonly caused by looking down at a phone or screen for extended periods of time.

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George the Farmer and FarmSafe Australia: The Farm Safety Song

George the Farmer formed a unique partnership with FarmSafe Australia, commissioning Monkeystack to produce an animated music video for ‘The Farm Safety Song’ as part of their curriculum-aligned educational guide teaching kids about being safe on farm.

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As part of the Hedonism exhibit at MOD. (Museum of Discovery at the University of South Australia), Monkeystack produced F.A.B.L.E, an AR led experiential game about consent that visitors navigate via a phone app.

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Flinders University: Six Steps to Cardiac Recovery

This interactive health management app is to increase cardiac patient’s education on self-care management, reinforcing information that all patients and their families should know before leaving hospital, as well for nurses to use as a guide to facilitate conversation.

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How To. Help Me. Show Me.

Developed from first-hand experience, How To. Help Me. Show Me. is an educational skill-building game aimed at children, young adults and adults living with autism.

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Community Living Australia: Abuse is not OK

Monkeystack have been working with Community Living Australia to produce a series of animated explainer videos on the topic ‘Abuse is Not OK’ to be presented in lived experience workshops and used as valuable user resources across their website and YouTube page.

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Australian Red Cross: Paperclip Apocalypse

Quirky and edgy-cute, this animated short was aimed at the public to encourage them to learn first aid, linking in with World First Aid Day. It was part of a series – Band-Aids Can’t Fix Everything.

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Marshman Foundation: Stars and Black Holes

Marshman Foundation, the research and development arm of Youth Opportunites, work with young people with the goal of empowering them with the tools and skills they need to overcome challenges now and in the future.

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SA Water: Kauwi Interpretive Centre

With educational outcomes in mind, SA Water’s Kauwi Interpretive Centre teach the visiting public about desalination and water management, explaining processes and the reasons behind them in an entertaining and easy to understand manner through interactive game.

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Rize Above: Magic & Mayhem

Magic & Mayhem is an adventure quest game for Rize Above. The narrative focuses on consent in relationships, demonstrated as the user chooses various options throughout their quest, with some receiving more enthusiastic responses than others.

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Project Space Botany

Space Botany is an engaging, problem-based learning simulation app with physical and digital interactive elements, deployed on iPads for users to take themselves on an out of this world exploration through the Adelaide Botanic Gardens Bicentennial Conservatory.

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Marine Discovery Centre: Interactives

We were commissioned to produce a suite of engaging and educational interactives for the Marine Discovery Centre, the only coastal and marine educational facility for school-aged students and the broader community in South Australia.

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Emotion Coaching UK: Hand Model of the Brain

Monkeystack produced a 2D animated ‘Hand Model of the Brain’ for Emotion Coaching UK, developers and providers of Emotion Coaching training and consultancy, to be used as a valuable resource within their training.

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National Electoral Education Centre: DemocraCity

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) recently conducted a huge remodelling project for the National Electoral Education Centre (NEEC) educational space in Old Government House, Canberra. Monkeystack was commissioned to produce a 3D interactive game for the space and provide a seamless experience between the physical and digital world.

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