How To. Help Me. Show Me.: Interactive Game

  • 3D Animation
  • App Development
  • Game Design
  • Interactive

How To. Help Me. Show Me. is an educational skill-building game aimed at children, young adults and adults living with autism. Developed from first-hand experience, the game takes the user through various scenarios of everyday activities that are second nature to most, but can cause distress to those with autism; such as brushing your teeth and getting your hair cut.

Each scenario is presented to the user through an animated step-by-step process, followed by an interactive game element to repeat the steps in the correct order, enforcing learning through repetition.

The app is easily accessible for handheld devices, meaning the lessons can be practiced in any location at any time. Users can take the How To. Help Me. Show Me. journey together for as long as they wish, until the user is ready to continue independently as they learn through repetition, put new skills into practice at home, and accomplish personal goals to become more and more involved in everyday life.

How To. Help Me. Show Me. is available to download:

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