Manufacturing, Innovation, Defence & Training

Monkeystack produce animations, experiences and serious games for people, businesses and industries across manufacturing, innovation, defence and training.

We are proud for our studio to have been selected to be an approved supplier for projects supported by the South Australian Landing Pad (Department for Trade and Investment), and the Space and Defence Landing Pad (Defence SA) as well as being on the Standing Deed of Offer for Commonwealth Government Agencies wanting to produce passive and interactive experiences. We are members of the Defence Teaming Centre.

Innovation meets technology.

  • Gamified simulated solutions and hyper real visualisations for accessible, safe and authentic CBT design, training and assessment activities.
  • Interactive exhibition and demonstration experiences using screen, projection, experiential sensors and XR (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality).
  • Animations, apps, content and experiences produced using the best screen and projection-based technologies for platforms including multi/non-standard screen formats, mobile and browser.

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BAE Systems Australia: Interactive Cube

BAE Systems Australia commissioned Monkeystack to produce an interactive experience ‘Cube’ to debut at the Land Forces International Land Defence Exposition 2021 in Brisbane, Queensland.

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BAE Systems Australia: STRIX

BAE Systems Australia commissioned Monkeystack to produce a launch video and a suite of mission animations to debut the ‘STRIX’, their new, one of a kind VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) uncrewed air system, at the 2023 Avalon Airshow in Geelong, Australia.

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Austroads: Hazard Perception Test

Monkeystack was engaged by Austroads to produce a library of Hazard Perception Test (HPT) videos and supporting material.

This library includes 197 animated videos for motorcycle riders as well as car drivers, providing materials for the world’s first motorcycle-specific HPT.

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Cohda Wireless: V2X-Locate

Monkeystack was commissioned by Cohda Wireless, a world leader in the emerging field of innovative connected vehicle solutions and software, to produce an explainer video for the release of their new technology, V2X-Locate.

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Australian Electoral Commission: ElectionSim

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) program of face-to-face election training was disrupted due to the global pandemic.

Monkeystack were commissioned to produce ‘ElectionSim’, an immersive, interactive and media-rich gamified solution as an alternative to the face-to-face simulations conducted at a dedicated facility.

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Primal Surfacing: OBV Production Unit

Primal Surfacing, part of the VSA Roads Group of Companies, commissioned Monkeystack to produce this realistic animation of their new OBV Production Unit. It’s the world’s first high production synchronised spraying and aggregate spreader and it’s in Australia.

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Defence SA: History of Space

Monkeystack worked with Defence SA and the Australian Space Agency to create an animated chronicle of Australia’s long association with space and space activities.

This 9 minute video had its first official premier at the International Astronautical Congress in Washington in October 2019.

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Naval Shipbuilding College: Create Your Future

Monkeystack were chartered by the crew at the Naval Shipbuilding College (NSC), an Australian Government Initiative, to produce a series of animated videos for their ‘Create Your Future’ social campaign aimed at attracting specific roles within the shipbuilding industry.

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Virtual War Memorial Australia: Remembrance Day

Monkeystack are honoured to have produced a 20-minute animated narrative that was projected onto the façade of one of SA’s most iconic buildings, the Anzac House at the Torrens Parade Grounds, from sunset – midnight across 11 evenings between 1st November – Remembrance Day for the people of Adelaide to visit, pay respects and remember.

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War on the Sea

Monkeystack partnered with Killerfish Games another excellent South Australian indie developer to produce War on the Sea. The game puts you in command of warship task forces, supply convoys and submarines as well as tactical use of aircraft to secure the South Pacific during World War II and is inspired by the classic computer games “Great Naval Battles” and “Task Force 1942”

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Welcome to The Australian Space Discovery Centre

The Australian Space Discovery Centre in Lot Fourteen inspire the next generation of the space workforce with stories of innovation, curiosity and technology, starting the moment they step into the building with the welcome video we animated.

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Codan Sentry-H Visualisation

Codan Communications commissioned Monkeystack to produce an animated product explainer visualisation of the Sentry-H radio. The super detailed visualisation leaves no stone unturned to capture the market-leading performance attributed to the Sentry-H.

CH4 Global: Asparagopsis

CH4 Global commissioned Monkeystack to produce an animated series that tell the story of their fascinating work in combatting climate change through a particular seaweed – Asparagopsis, a red seaweed that grows natively on Australian and New Zealand coasts.

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