Marine Discovery Centre: Interactives

2D Animation, 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, App Development, Experience, Game Design, Interactive, Motion Graphics

We were commissioned to produce a suite of engaging and educational interactives for the Marine Discovery Centre, the only coastal and marine educational facility for school-aged students and the broader community in South Australia.

With the support of a Green Adelaide Grassroot grant, we developed and produced six experiences using interactive touchscreens, motion sensitive technology with projections, and immersive storytelling through lighting, that provide inspirational discovery learning experiences whilst empowering their 8,000+ student and community visitors per year to actively protect South Australia’s iconic coastal and marine environments.

  • Large scale touchscreen interactive Climate Change Chaos
  • Touchscreen interactive games Beachcombing and Sounds of the Ocean
  • Touchscreen and motion sensitive Discovery Island Diving game with Positure
  • Motion sensitive projection experience Shoaling and Schooling
  • Immersive lighting experience in the Kaurna Learning Station (The Wodli) with Karl Telfer, a Kaurna cultural bearer, artist and community leader.

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