Cyber Safety Dash

Mockingbird Consultancy

  • 2D Animation
  • Game Design
  • Interactive

Cyber Safety Dash is an engaging browser-based game aimed at 6-11 year olds that Monkeystack developed for Mockingbird Consultancy, released for cyber security awareness month.

Young players work with their trusty friend Datablock as they dash through cyberspace, jumping across platforms and avoiding hazardous viruses including phishers, hackers and cyber bullies. Each level has a Boss that players must defeat by answering multiple choice questions themed to cyber safety.

You can play Cyber Safety Dash here:

We created the Cyber Safety Dash world from art design to game development, producing a serious game that delivers an important message while entertaining and engaging the audience. Each level completed builds an understanding of cyber safety and digital awareness, with questions provided by project collaborator OpSys Australia. With 28 rotating cyber-related questions, the game can be played multiple times as children build-up their knowledge.

With 1 in 4 experiencing cyberbullying, children being exposed to disturbing content and increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals, Cyber Safety Dash aims to teach basic principles across the themes of cybersecurity, cyber safety, and cyberbullying, and to give parents and caregivers a tool to help start a conversation about these important topics in a fun way. Designed to be played with parents or caregivers, the game can also be played by children on their own and used by educators to support their activities.

"Couldn't fault the team. You went above to deliver an awesome outcome from a thought bubble."

~Nina Parletta, Mockingbird Consultancy Founder

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