MOD. Kurru Kari (Turning Circle)

2D Animation, Experience

Monkeystack was commissioned by the University of South Australia Museum of Discovery (MOD.) to bring to life an exhibit conceptualised and scripted by Karl ‘Winda’ Telfer, a Kaurna cultural bearer, artist and community leader.

The exhibit at the entrance to MOD. is presented on the Street Gallery Touch Screens – a  video wall of ten 55” HD touchscreens mounted side-by-side in portrait orientation to provide a seamless 10800×1920 pixel Windows desktop. The screens offer 32 simultaneous points of touch across the entire surface so multiple people can play, discover and learn at the same time.

It’s a truly stunning canvas to tell a magnificent story of the seasons from the perspective of Indigenous Australians – our first scientists and astronomers.

Kurru Kari was awarded WINNER of Permanent Exhibition or Gallery Fitout at the Australian Museums and Galleries Association’s (AMaGA) Museums Australasia Multimedia and Publication Design Awards 2022.

The judges said: “An innovative, accessible and powerful multimedia interactive. Kurru Kari (Turning Circle) is a beautiful and evocative installation which beautifully connects visitors with Indigenous Knowledge via engaging and immersive technology. The imagery is beautiful and locally-relevant, and the subject of seasons is a capacious and accessible framework to explore broader and more specific ideas about science, culture, and history. Overall this seems to be a powerful and foundational aspect of the MOD offer and visitor experience. The exhibition design and installation articulates access, particularly for disabled visitors, thoroughly and thoughtfully.”

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