SA Big Battery VR


  • App Development
  • Experience Design
  • Interactive
  • Motion Graphics
  • XR

Monkeystack collaborated with Neoen to produce a VR (virtual reality) experience that transports viewers to the Hornsdale Power Reserve, the world’s first big battery.

The VR experience immerses viewers in the vast landscapes of South Australia’s mid-north region where the famous Tesla SA big battery is located and gives the unique opportunity to see the battery from within the compound fence.

We captured 360 footage on-location, including a breathtaking 360 drone flyover to introduce the entire experience, and introduced interactive elements to allow users to manually select an area to visit or opt for an immersive guided tour throughout four different areas. Information on each area is delivered through scripted voiceover and on-screen graphics highlighting key points suited for an audience ranging from technical engineers to school students.

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