Tales in Light

Adelaide Film Festival

  • 2D Animation
  • Experience
  • Motion Graphics

Monkeystack partnered with the Adelaide Film Festival to produce and present Tales in Light, a new project that turns Adelaide’s physical spaces into a canvas for immersive visual storytelling.

The inaugural Tales in Light story ‘NUN HIT WONDER’, the story of Adelaide’s very own Sister Janet Mead’s extraordinary rise from a Mercy Sister to Grammy nominee, launched at the 2022 Adelaide Film Festival Opening Night Gala and ran each evening throughout the duration of the festival.

NUN HIT WONDER’s story was written by Peter Monaghan, and adapted for screen and directed by Jasper St Aubyn West and Anthony Frith. The narrated animation, formatted as a large-scale projection piece, ran at approximately 5 minutes with supporter logos and was accompanied by a psychedelic animated countdown screen. The entire project was developed and approved in consultation with those who held the rights to the Mead Estate.

Major Sponsor: Epson.
Presented in partnership with: ANAT, State Library SA, Wakefield Press and Writers SA.
This project has been assisted Arts South Australia.

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