National Electoral Education Centre

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  • Game Design
  • Interactive

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) recently conducted a huge remodelling project for the National Electoral Education Centre (NEEC) educational space in Old Government House, Canberra. Monkeystack was commissioned to produce a 3D interactive game for the space and provide a seamless experience between the physical and digital world.

We produced the 3D game ‘DemocraCity’ using Maya and Unity, achieving a compelling and educational interactive experience for deployment on large touchscreens designed for self-directed learning. The game is built as a 3D world full of buildings, unique characters, vehicles and interiors. We developed multiple minigames that feature drag and drop, tabletop and role-playing mechanics to deliver learning through fun as a user’s newfound knowledge is put to the test.

Users are guided through the experience by ‘Democrabot’ and are presented with information, interact with and assist various characters in scenarios, and navigate through many spaces including Parliament House.

Some of the 15,000 students that have visited the NEEC’s new space so far have experienced the 100 unique animations, 20 different minigames, 40 unique interactable characters, and 14 educational videos that make up the experience across 18 interactive stations, with much more in store.

We worked with the AEC and the commissioned architect and interior designer to transform their remodelled activity space into an immersive, fun and educational interactive zone that reflected DemocraCity’s design. This included visual treatments and other content used in the Centre including multiple animations to feature throughout the full 90-minute tour, an animated video exploring the history of democracy and voting in Australia and a video to accompany an interactive ballot draw process that encapsulate key learnings after visiting DemocraCity.

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