Thin Ice VR

3D Modelling, Documentary, Experience, VR

A Monkeystack and Shackleton Epic Expedition production, Thin Ice VR is  20-minute world-first historical re-creation documentary VR experience presented by Tm Jarvis AM supported by the South Australian Film Corporation, Screen Australia, Adelaide Film Festival, Torrens University, Kathmandu and One Ocean Expeditions and Documentary Foundation Australia.

Thin Ice VR, currently in production for release in 2021, will offer an unrivalled immersive experience that will leave viewers in no doubt about the devastating effect of climate change.

100 years ago, Shackleton was on a mission to save his men from the ice, now we must save the Antarctic ice from man.

Thin Ice VR delivers the most compelling and immersive film experience ever produced on the subject of climate change. It offers a highly personal experience and literally put its audience in the centre of the story.

This project fits right in the middle of our lens to produce positive social consciousness projects that entertain, engage and educate audiences. It also ties together our skills in storytelling, interactive, experiential, animation, live-action production and simulation.

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Working with the only person to authentically recreate Shackleton’s journey of survival, Tim Jarvis AM is helping us brings you closer to the epic experience than ever before in a 20-minute historical re-creation documentary VR experience.

Alongside Tim, we’ve assembled an excellent team behind Thin Ice VR, sent an expedition down to Antarctica to capture beautiful 360 video and photogrammetry footage and produced an electronic proof of concept. We’re now looking for further support and beginning the process of production.

We’re hoping that Thin Ice VR will represent a milestone development in cinematic history. It is a multifaceted production that is truly unique, educational and inspiring.

We are actively seeking supporters for the production and release of Thin Ice VR. If you are interested in being a sponsor, brand partner, philanthropic or other supporter, you can find out more and connect with the project through the website.

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