Young players work with their trusty friend Datablock as they dash through cyberspace, jumping across platforms and avoiding hazardous viruses including phishers, hackers and cyber bullies. Each level has a Boss that players must defeat by answering multiple choice questions themed to cyber safety.

You can play Cyber Safety Dash here:

Each of the snappy 10-second animations highlight challenges that could be faced when travelling, with topics including respecting local laws, cyber scams and having travel insurance and correct paperwork in place. Delivering emotion within a short viewing time was critical – with bold characters and narratives to grab the audience’s attention from the get-go and deliver a bold call to action, encouraging Australians to use Smartraveller as their first destination when preparing for travel and while abroad.

We produced the animations in multiple formats including 1080px x 1920px, for a social-focused campaign delivery launched to Smartraveller’s Instagram page, racking up thousands views of views.

Our 2D animated educational video was a key visual resource used to introduce audiences to the project at pop-up events as well as across web and social media platforms.

Our multi-talented team developed engaging concepts and narratives, wrote lyrics and composed music, and produced the 2D animation and an instructional activity poster for each of the five interoception activities, ranging from calming, deep breathing exercises to energising muscle stretches.

Creating educational resources in music video form was the golden formula to engage a young audience. A pilot study with 12 preschools and primary schools was launched in October 2023 and received fantastic feedback. The ‘Rocking bug’ – a muscle stretch movement that we evolved into a band of rock ‘n’ roll insects – was an instant hit and is being requested multiple times in a row!

The overarching creative compliments the ‘pop-up book’ set designs and the Victoria era visual language from classic G&S theatre posters, highlighting the productions, events and venues included in the festival program as well as icons within the City of Adelaide, set to the instantly recognisable music from two of the leading G&S productions, Pirates of Penzance and H.M.S. Pinafore. We wanted the audience to see Adelaide through the eyes of Gilbert and Sullivan!

The TVC went live across VOD platforms, social media channels and on the digital screens in front of Her Majesty’s Theatre. The State Opera South Australia loved the commercials artwork so much that they requested a flat artwork version for printed 70cm x 20cm posters and stubby holders to be available to purchase as official merchandise.

Our 2D animations joined the documentary’s energetic mixture of live action, interviews and music, covering topics including social media, photoshopping, ‘fitspiration’, the influence of media and advertising on body image and role models. The animations illustrate and support the key message of the documentary in a light-hearted yet impactful style, designed for younger and older audiences to understand in a meaningful way – acknowledging shared experience or empathising a scenario whether directly or subconsciously.

‘Chico the Family Dog’, who is introduced and seen in live action scenes throughout the documentary, appears in animated form, experiencing extremely relatable emotions in a heartstring-tugging scenario that kids, teenagers, young adults and adults alike can all empathise with, and quite possibly relate to, encouraging open conversation and support through positivity. Embrace Kids celebrated its World Premiere at the 2022 Melbourne International Film Festival before being released in cinemas across Australia and New Zealand.

The animation explains different areas of the brain and how they each work, from the automatic physical processes such as breathing, to the emotional brain that helps to manage and understand feelings.

Delivered in a funny and engaging style appropriate for a range of children’s ages, the narrative follows relatable scenarios of everyday life to help them to understand the different emotions that they experience and offer guidance on how to handle them.

NUN HIT WONDER’s story was written by Peter Monaghan, and adapted for screen and directed by Jasper St Aubyn West and Anthony Frith. The narrated animation, formatted as a large-scale projection piece, ran at approximately 5 minutes with supporter logos and was accompanied by a psychedelic animated countdown screen. The entire project was developed and approved in consultation with those who held the rights to the Mead Estate.

Major Sponsor: Epson.
Presented in partnership with: ANAT, State Library SA, Wakefield Press and Writers SA.
This project has been assisted Arts South Australia.

Justin Wight (Monkeystack Co-Founder and Director) Co-Produced both season 1 and 2, with Monkeystack putting together a full animation production team to create the 8 x 10min (s1) and 11 x 11min (s2) episodes. We think that it’s one of the largest 2D animated series ever produced in South Australia at the time.

The first season premiered to US audiences on Adult Swim in August 2020, UK audiences on Channel 4 in September 2020 and Australian audiences on Stan. in May 2022, with the second season launching on both Adult Swim, Stan. and Channel 4 in the UK simultaneously in January 2023.

Magic & Mayhem is an adventure quest game with a narrative focused on consent in relationships, demonstrated as the user chooses characters to take on their quest, with some displaying more enthusiastic responses than others, what outfit they should wear and to assign an item per character; from potions the character can use when needed to magical beans forced upon the character.

Players are faced with multiple choice options along their quest that define an end summary covering topics such as alcohol and drugs, enthusiastic consent and body language. The aim of Rize Above’s work is to assist young people to develop skills to have healthier more equal relationships, and to support caregivers and professionals to become allies with these goals.

You can play Magic & Mayhem in Rize Above’s Game Zone.