Working with POSITURE’s team of healthcare professionals and people with lived experience, we developed gaming apps for handheld devices controlled by gross body movement, rather than standard fine motor thumb controls. Taking the solution one step further, our collaboration with industrial designers produced an optimised ergonomic handset to offer a full digital prescription of positive posture movements.

We made the problem part of the solution to promote positive learned behaviour – without taking away any of the fun!

Our animated, photo-realistic visualisations of the pre-manufactured STRIX played on screens to the Avalon audience as a 1:1 scale model was unveiled for the first time. The visualisations continued to play on a loop for the remainder of the event and featured across BAE Systems Australia’s collateral that was shared to a worldwide audience.

The reveal was a show stopping highlight that created intrigue, excitement and a lasting impression for attendees from industry, government and defence at the first Avalon Airshow since 2019.

The story focuses on the interconnectedness of place and memory, and the bittersweetness of grief, recollection and healing through the passage of time in the wake of loss. Hike offers a unique moment to escape daily distractions and focus on what really matters – our relationships.

Hike – A Monkeystack Production
Financed with the assistance of:
South Australian Film Corporation and Epic Games
Monkeystack’s Hike was selected as one of the finalists across Australia and New Zealand for the second year of Epic Games’ South Australian Film Corporation-supported Unreal Engine Short Film Challenge.

When the pandemic forced the closure of interstate borders, we were presented with the challenge of how to design the exterior; a set of perspective based animations that required very specific placement to deliver the audience experience, the interior; a user-triggered storytelling space to be used by BAE executives, how to test everything and make sure that the exhibition company could install the Cube on location in Queensland… all without any of our staff being able to leave South Australia.

With no way for our team to be on the ground for bump-in adjustments typical of a project like this, we built a VR-based pre-visualisation system in Unity to instruct the Cube’s physical and digital relationship, and interactivity – providing a way to build and test real world solutions without the boundaries of location.

Shown to reduce the likelihood of crashes, the computer based HPT measures a driver’s or rider’s ability to recognise potentially dangerous situations on the road and respond appropriately. This new content will modernise the HPTs currently in use, and provide jurisdictions that do not have a Hazard Perception Test the opportunity to introduce one to enhance their graduated licensing system. The test is part of the licensing process in NSW, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland.

The scripts for the videos were developed around the most problematic road and traffic hazards for novice drivers and motorcyclists. Chosen scenarios were determined through an analysis of mass crass data and in-depth crash investigation data by the Centre for Automotive Safety Research.


The Monkeystack studio produced all of the 3D models and textures for a full fleet of destroyers, aircraft carriers, cruisers and battleships as well as planes, submarines, torpedoes and depth charges. All of the models are authentically recreated from hundreds of drawing, plans and reference images.

War on the Sea is available on the Steam Store to download and play on PC and Mac.

The purpose of the video was to get customers excited. The brief was simple… We start out in blackness. It looks like we’re in space with a galaxy of golden stars of varying sizes. But we’re actually underground.

With this brief and with audience captivation in mind, Monkeystack drew inspiration from games console launch teasers to create an electrifying, cinematic 20 second trailer.

Our aim was to produce an animation that set a new standard in photo-realistic industrial visualisations.

This unit is a game changer, setting new standards in road surfacing safety, innovation and environmental sustainability. It’s the world’s first high production synchronised spraying and aggregate spreader and it’s in Australia.


The Vault game is a journey into history, an immersion into the experiences and emotions of those whose lives were very different from our own. There, we discover unfamiliar feelings, uncanny characters who are like us and yet unlike. It is also a journey into the human condition, into a metaphoric space in which being truly, richly human is the only way to survive-provoking us to consider not only our past but our future.

The Vault won the Best Console / PC Hardcore Console and Best Indie Game categories at the Game Connection Development Awards at Game Connection Europe 2018.

See more at The Vault website.


After an initial introduction through a home loan TVC, ‘POCU’ the fuzzy blue mascot now features in Police Credit Unions’s full slate of marketing materials including TVC, print, web and apps.

All the modelling, rigging and animation and renders of the POCU universe are created within the Monkeystack studio. He’s part of the family!

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