Education Services Australia commissioned us to produce a 2D animated series of educational resources for early years students to build interoception awareness (feeling more connected with your body and your bodily signals) and practice self-regulation activities. We created five ‘Brain Break Bops’ animated music videos, each demonstrating an interoception activity, plus other fun dance moves and memorable song lyrics, for the viewer to follow along and practice as whole class groups, smaller groups or in one-to-one sessions.

Our multi-talented team developed engaging concepts and narratives, wrote lyrics and composed music, and produced the 2D animation and an instructional activity poster for each of the five interoception activities, ranging from calming, deep breathing exercises to energising muscle stretches.

Monkeystack produced animation for Michael Cusack’s adult 2D animated series YOLO Crystal Fantasy (2020) and YOLO Silver Destiny (2022), commissioned by the WarnerMedia-owned network Adult Swim and produced by Princess Bento Studio.

YOLO Crystal Fantasy was the first time that Adult Swim has commissioned a series outside of the US and, as they put it, “one of the weirdest things we will ever air”.

Justin Wight (Monkeystack co-founder and CEO) Co-Produced the series and Monkeystack put together a team of 19 to produce the 8 x 10min episodes for the first season. We think that this was one of the largest 2D animated series ever produced in South Australia.

“Come Quick, Dots and Diamond. The mummies have come alive!”

Dots & Diamond: The Mysterious Case of the Missing Mummies is a narrative-driven adventure game available on mobile platforms via the Apple iOS and Google PLAY stores. Monkeystack developed and produced the game as our own IP within our Exo Pexo brand of ‘edutainment’ games for young people.

Dots the studious dog and Diamond the playful cat are enjoying some quiet time at home, until they receive a frantic phone call from the Curator at the Museum. The new Egyptian exhibit is due to open tomorrow but the most terrible thing has happened… the mummies have come alive!

Monkeystack was commissioned to produce the animated pilot for Koala Man, a collaboration between Princess Pictures and Michael Cusack, with support from Screen Australia and the South Australian Film Corporation.

Monkeystack put together a team of exceptional animators to work on the project over several months to bring to life Koala Man – whose world is just like Batman, but much less rich and not as cool.

We were so very proud to see the Koala Man premiere was on Tuesday 20th November 2018 on ABC COMEDY as part of the Fresh Blood series. In late 2019, Koala Man was shortlisted for an AACTA Award for Best Online Video or Series.

The show is classified MA…so is our case study!

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Flinders University College of Education, Psychology & Social Work commissioned Monkeystack to develop their anti-bullying P.E.A.C.E Pack intervention into a modern and engaging program as a part of the charity-first collaboration between Breakthrough Foundation and Little Heroes Foundation.

To give a little background on the beginnings of this project: The P.E.A.C.E. Pack, in its paper form, has been widely implemented and evaluated by teachers, students, principals, parents and school administrators from early childhood settings to secondary schools in Australia and internationally since it was pioneered in 2001.
The intervention is built from the P.E.A.C.E acronym: Preparation, Education, Action, Coping and Evaluation.

We produced a series of animations and a range of online content for the Little Breakthrough Heroes: Big Talks For Little People children’s mental health initiative, which supports children in the classroom and playground, as key resources within an educational program structured of eight weekly modules. Each module provides tools and resources to help with resilience, anti-bullying and opening up conversation on emotions, designed to be delivered by teachers or on a student self-help basis, highlighting the message that “Mental illness affects everyone… including children”.

Learn first aid, because you don’t need a cape or superpowers to be a real hero.

Building on previous award winning World First Aid Day campaigns, Monkeystack created this series of quirky animated shorts to spread a message from Red Cross about first aid training; a reminder to everyone that simply knowing first aid could save a life – no cape or superpowers required.

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Double Happy Vs. the Infinite Sadness is an energetic story driven experience interactively covering PC, iOS and Android, as well as animated short films and a web/social media presence.

The property stars a pair of neo pop edgy cute rabbits called Pink and Blue, as they set out on a quest to vanquish an all consuming entropic force called the Infinite Sadness from their homeland.

On the surface, Double Happy is a manic tale of good vs. evil, but the stories are underpinned by philosophical and spiritual themes, also exploring quantum mechanics and super science. The audience really can decide how deep they want the rabbit hole to go!

Double Happy Vs. the Infinite Sadness was a co-sponsor of the Indie Games Room at AVCon 2013 and 2014 alongside Uni SA, where it has become one of the most memorable properties at the annual event.

You can visit the Double Happy world at

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