‘Making Minerals’ is a fun and educational interactive experience that visitors to the Museum can explore on three dedicated touch screens contained in a mineral-inspired thematic centrepiece, designed for accessibility in an inclusive form without diminishing the experience for users.

We produced seven story locations, including volcano, caves and magma chambers, with animations to ‘see’ key steps of the mineral formation process and interactive elements for users to choose from and determine the mineral’s outcome.

Working with POSITURE’s team of healthcare professionals and people with lived experience, we developed gaming apps for handheld devices controlled by gross body movement, rather than standard fine motor thumb controls. Taking the solution one step further, our collaboration with industrial designers produced an optimised ergonomic handset to offer a full digital prescription of positive posture movements.

We made the problem part of the solution to promote positive learned behaviour – without taking away any of the fun!

The inaugural ‘Augmented Revolution’ AR trail featured six artworks across two Adelaide CBD locations throughout the duration of the festival. Each site hosted three physical pillars with QR codes to download the app to iOS and Android devices and unique in-app scannable codes that trigger each artwork with precise positioning based upon ground detection.

While using the app, users could locate and navigate each artwork through an interactive map, capture snapshots and live screen recordings of their device screen, and explore artist bios and artwork synopses of contemporary First Nations artists Carly Tarkari Dodd, Jaydenlee Tong, and Temaana Yundu Sanderson-Bromley, as curated by Dearna Newchurch.

Young players work with their trusty friend Datablock as they dash through cyberspace, jumping across platforms and avoiding hazardous viruses including phishers, hackers and cyber bullies. Each level has a Boss that players must defeat by answering multiple choice questions themed to cyber safety.

You can play Cyber Safety Dash here: www.mockingbirdconsultancy.com.au/cyber-safety-dash

The VR experience immerses viewers in the vast landscapes of South Australia’s mid-north region where the famous Tesla SA big battery is located and gives the unique opportunity to see the battery from within the compound fence.

We captured 360 footage on-location, including a breathtaking 360 drone flyover to introduce the entire experience, and introduced interactive elements to allow users to manually select an area to visit or opt for an immersive guided tour throughout four different areas. Information on each area is delivered through scripted voiceover and on-screen graphics highlighting key points suited for an audience ranging from technical engineers to school students.

The interactive touchscreen experience showcases 15 key renewable energy projects in the state, displayed on an eye-catching 3D animated map of South Australia. Two users can navigate the map simultaneously and explore a comprehensive suite of multimedia on each project including video content, image gallery and text information.

We combined eye-catching animation with considerate UI and UX design to make the experience intuitive, meaningful and enjoyable for the audience of industry professionals, and represent South Australia as a state of innovation.

We developed a multi-user interactive touchscreen experience that reflects and reinforces the surrounding gallery themes, showcases a selection from the Museum’s world-leading Pasifika collection of over 60,000 objects and invites visitors to go further into the Museum’s collection and learn more about the sea of islands that make up the Pacific.

The experience is presented as an interactive map where visitors to explore up to 48 Pacific locations from Aotearoa (New Zealand) to West Papua. There are approximately 600 sets of item images and over 2000 individual images of the Museum’s collection items within the interactive, in addition to the display of 300 physical items together with newly commissioned objects by prominent Pacific Island artists and knowledge holders.

The app’s experiences include a language learning game with pronunciations, an indigenous plant catalogue, and an AR (Augmented Reality) experience that connects physical artworks to First Nations storytelling through digital interpretation. The ‘Circle of Elders’ AR experience is located at the entrance of the building by ‘Ngurare Beng Marna’ (Important, Big Meeting), a sculpture by a local Djaara/Bangerang artist.

“Galkangu: building with Djaara” acts as a digital companion for visitors of the Galkangu – Bendigo GovHub building, providing an additional layer of content to discover more about the inclusion of Dja Dja Wurrung design elements and language within the building’s architecture, landscaping and spaces

With the support of a Green Adelaide Grassroot grant, we developed six unique experiences delivered on digital touchscreen tables, motion detecting projections and iPads that sparks imagination and encourages curiosity whilst empowering their 8,000+ student and community visitors per year to actively protect South Australia’s iconic coastal and marine environments.

We produced the 3D game ‘DemocraCity’ using Maya and Unity, achieving a compelling and educational interactive experience for deployment on large touchscreens designed for self-directed learning. The game is built as a 3D world full of buildings, unique characters, vehicles and interiors. We developed multiple minigames that feature drag and drop, tabletop and role-playing mechanics to deliver learning through fun as a user’s newfound knowledge is put to the test.