The Aussie Games Showcase

Monkeystack was commissioned by the Global Business & Talent Attraction Taskforce, the Australian Government initiative partnering the Department of Home Affairs with Australian Trade and Investment, to produce a showcase of the digital games industry in Australia.

Our brief was to inform, excite and encourage overseas businesses to level-up and unlock the infinite opportunities available in the Australian digital games industry, find their team and access a vast range of benefits – all while championing the success of home grown games studios.

Working with our Player 2, the amazing team at IGEA (Interactive Games & Entertainment Association), we received over 400 submissions from studios across seven states & territories to represent Australia in the showcase.

Our capability and understanding of games design and being active members of the games industry was just the XP needed. Achievement Unlocked: Australia.

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Minelab commissioned Monkeystack to produce a product teaser trailer for the GPX6000 detector launch to be used across their digital channels. The purpose of the video was to get customers excited.

The brief was simple… We start out in blackness. It looks like we’re in space with a galaxy of golden stars of varying sizes. But we’re actually underground.

With this brief and with audience captivation in mind, Monkeystack drew inspiration from games console launch teasers to create an electrifying, cinematic 20 second trailer.

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The signature installation of the 2020 Adelaide Fringe Festival, Yabarra – Dreaming in Light, ran at Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute from 12 Feb to 15 March. For the 31 days of the Fringe, from 10am until 10pm, over 40,000 people experienced the creation story of Tjilbruke, as interpreted by Karl Winda Telfer and the Williams clan.

Dreaming in Light tells the story of Tjirbruki, but there are so many other elements – the stories of the stars and the ancestors are so important … It’s about looking after and caring for our environment and protecting these few open space places we have left.” — Karl ‘Winda’ Telfer

Monkeystack co-produced the event with the Adelaide Fringe, Cultural and Creative Producer Karl Winda Telfer, Yellaka, implementation partners Novatech, Epson,  and support from the Government of South Australia, City of Adelaide, The University of Adelaide, Illuminart, MOD, and Tandanya, the National Aboriginal Cultural Insitute.

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